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Imwith (YC S17) is hiring high school brand ambassadors
6 months ago | hide
imwith is the selfie-GIF messaging app that makes your chats funnier. We're looking for high-schoolers to promote our app in their school.

What you'll do:

- Use the app and promote it among your friends. - You should be able to get your friends to keep spreading the app. - This is a chat app so most of the work will be to chat with others on the app, keep them engaged and explain the core value of the app if needed. - Report us on users' feedback.

We're looking for charismatic high school ambassadors who: - Like our app (download imwith messenger from the App Store, try it and see if you are passionate about it as we are). This is the most important qualification. - You're in high school. - Go getter. You truly get things done. - Like the app, did we mention? - Have several hours/week free in the first month of school and a bit before.

Looking forward to get you application here https://goo.gl/forms/yQlQIuVoVAmR4fKg2

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