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Heyoo HN. Finished this side project of mine during the weekend. Read more about it on GitHub: https://github.com/Hemmingsson/dancemusic.wtf

Let me know if you have any feedback!

Nice job. Here is my suggestion.

If the aim is to educate, it would be good to get a bit of feedback on the wrong answers. So if it said

"This is breakbeat, breakbeat is characterised by..."

I'm not big into EDM, so I thought it would be good to learn something, but I didn't feel like I came out any more informed.

I agree, I found myself googling most of the answers to get an idea of what the terms even meant.

Props for the UX and making it responsive on even the smallest screens! Not easy for a skeumorphic design, but you pulled it off!

I kept getting bitten by buildup sections instead of the rhythmic ones—can't tell trance from hi-nrg by whooshing air sounds. I highly doubt if this is feasible at this stage, but properly the app should use audio fingerprinting to choose the three samples that differ from each other.

Secondly, some of the offered genres are too close to each other to choose properly even for an edm nerd: the very first choice was between minimal house and deep house, with a rather bassy-dreamy track. This can be solved by marking similar genres one time in the database. Then, a higher difficulty setting could exist for hardcore geeks, presenting choices from neighboring genres.

Finally, it would be nice if the samples were of similar volume level, so I don't have to fiddle with it on my computer. Since the samples are short, you could analyze the volume on the fly with ReplayGain or a similar algorithm, and apply a correcting gain accordingly.

Would be cool to have a browsing section so we could train before playing.

I was thrown off by two very different tracks being the same genre. How accurate would you call your dataset?

Also, as a techno lover I'd enjoy playing with the same 4 options (minimal, detroit, hard, etc) with only techno tracks. Even better would be being able to toggle some genres away from the game.

Aside from the dubstep comment above, as a game designer, I would advice you to make the score mechanic more transparent. Right now, I see how much score did I get only after clicking the answer, and while I suspect that the sooner I click, the higher the score, the interface never shows this link to me.

If you display the constantly decreasing "stake" on screen, it will immediately explain the mechanic to the player and put more pressure on him to make the choice quicker, making the choice between clicking right now and spending additional time thinking over his choice more interesting.

Pretty good...Do you get less points if you take longer? I didnt really quite get how the points work. Maybe indicate that visually if that's the case.

Another thing is sometimes the clips start in a breakdown and unless you're familiar with the track it's sometimes difficult to know the genre until the drop.

oh i think i found a track that was mislabeled, but unfortunately i didnt catch the name sorry :( .. it was a track marked "Post-Dubstep" but sounded like a house track of some kind.

Hey thanks for this! There are a ton of sub-genres I'm not well acquainted with so this super helps. One request I would make is to be able pause the game, so that I can see the artist and track name for longer. Thanks this is great!

Well done, this is fun. Like someone else said, I didn't like the fact that all the tracks were in my YouTube history without you telling me.

I dig the gsap usage. I've been slowly learning it on the side myself. Do you have any good recommendations of books/websites for the library?

A 'Next' button maybe, e.g. a person guesses the genre in the first sample and doesn't feel like waiting.

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