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By the way one of the best investments you can make is a gym membership to get access to showers, wifi, and workout equipment. You can still look professional while homeless. If you have a YMCA they might be able to waive your monthly fees.

Also check out your local library, they usually have free subscriptions to pluralsight and lynda.com among others so you can learn places other than youtube. There should be like 10 to 15 in your city given its size.

Checkout couchsurfing.com to potentially have someplace to stay on someones couch. Portland is full of hipsters that would probably be more liberal and open to this kind of thing too.

I didnt think about curfew times but yeah thats something too. If you need other essentials checkout any nonprofit community centers that can help you out there. Usually you'll get assigned a case manager who can help you stay on track too, or redirect you to other resources you may need.

Lastly local churches are really helpful too. Consider reaching out to them even if you arent religious, most churches have meal outings once or twice a week

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