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If you cant get a Dev job, try something else. I am thinking maybe QA. In my 10 years experience the only good QA people are peogeammers. My enterprise software experience...the companies have dedicated QA people and they suck. I just use them for sign off.

Just read up on some QA terminology/buzz words and I'm sure you'll be hired in a heart best. It's not a minimum wage job, you'll be around development and this will buy you time and sanity till you get a development job...you would be able to easily automate QA and make yourself valuable there too.

I'm a senior developer with a crap load of Dev and non Dev responsibilities. Sometimes I just want to be QA so I just test crap all day long, and have no prod issues or other accountability.

I think this is great advice. I've seen it work for some people. It's a lot easier in some cases to transfer from a QA or Testing role into a dev role when one opens up. People have already worked with you and know you, and they feel more confident about your ability to get the job done. It's a smart move if you know anything at all about QA.

Yes and a lot of companies are going automated. Much easier to have a programmer write automated tests, than to teach QA how to program. Guess who would be in high demand once they get that experience? OP!

Read back on my comment...tons of typo. Sorry, I was typing it on the fly on mobile and autocorrect stinks. I swear I give better advice than I type :)

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