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That is a very kind offer sir. I emailed you. This resource I tapped into called WorkSource Oregon has already purchased me brand new and nice interview/work clothes. So I am covered there. I could use a haircut however and new headphones.

Email me vinh@axcoto.com as well. I'll paypal you some money.

I really appreciate the offer, but I am not asking for charity. What has been monetarily donated to me so far, and job leads is more than enough. I can not possibly accept. I hope you take this as a respectful decline.

Keep on hustling champ. Fortune favors those who take chances. Keeping your chin up and being confident about who you are is your biggest strength. HN is cheering for you :)

It's 'Fortune favours the bold' just fyi ;) Thanks for the support nojvek. Hope to meet you IRL along the west coast one day.

Your SSL cert is invalid?

A few spelling errors if you'd like to fix 'em:

"I'm Vinh, a husband, father & programming enthusiast" "I was lucky to have such a wife."

If you'd like, I can just rewrite the entire page for you.

Your NotyIM service is interesting. I'm building something similar at my current employer.

All the GitHub links on NotyIM's site are broken. Invalid cert at yeo.space, I'm sure you were aware.

:( sorry my bad English. It will be really great if you can help me on that. The code is here: https://github.com/axcoto/axcoto.com-hugo/blob/master/themes...

Yes, I didn't have time to get to the cert automation yet :D. I promised to myself to do that this weekend.

And thank you so much :).

If you have ANY WAY of accepting donations, I would also be more than glad to help you out, just post a link if you can, even though I am not from the US. As a Canadian, I feel obliged to reach out. P.s Just trying to help out, I hope you don't take this the wrong way.

I appreciate the offer, but as I said in another comment. I am not accepting any more monetarily donations. This is not the aim of my post. It was a reach out to the coder/hacker community for support. I am not going to digitally panhandle.

got it :)

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