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Some places to look for postings besides Craigslist:

http://portlandtech.org/ - this is a great resource, job listings are categorized along a number of facets (by language, by experience, by focus), they have a calendar of events, and they link to lots of other job hunting resources.

http://www.indeed.com/ - Indeed is my go-to search engine when job hunting. I've found my last three jobs using it. You can create alerts and get emails when new positions matching your criteria are posted.

Also, there is never any harm in applying for a job. Let the recruiters submit your resume for senior positions. Consider roles with "lead" or "engineering manager" in the title, where your experience will assist you but your focus will be more on coordinating the work of your team rather than on your own technical chops. Or, apply for QA jobs, which are often a good gateway into developer or UI/UX roles. There are lots of ways to get your career back on track if you broaden your focus.

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