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The rent laws are terrifying and slanted for the landlord. Here's how everything went down:

1. quit job for ethical reasons

2. run out of savings very quickly

3. run out of unemployment after that, can't afford rent

4. After being 3 days late on rent a notice was posted on my door saying that I had 5 days to pay in full or face eviction

5. After those 5 days were up, another notice was posted on my door that I had to appear in court the following week

6. Show up to court, make my way to the assigned room, multiple other people going through the same thing show up

7. Judge explains what is happening: you can speak to the plantif's lawyer to settle, and you can speak to some free lawyers who will help you sort your rights, and you can choose to settle that day or file a response.

a) settling with the landlord would have meant that I had to pay in full and then move out 1 week later but would not be evicted (basically self eviction)

b) file a response and take it to court a week later and then get evicted a week after that by a sheriff

8. I chose option B

9. In the meantime I signed up for a service (and ended up being approved) which helps with situations such as these by paying 80% of your rent (one-time service)

10. A few days before court I was able to pay rent and they dropped the case

11. sold some things to keep paying for rent and borrowed some money

12. finally got a fucking job

I was also slapped with:

1. $250~ in legal fees

2. $300~ in late fees

3. $100~ prematurely canceled rental insurance fee (rental insurance, utilities etc. are all in the same rent payment)

why is my comment being downvoted?

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