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Super immersive and effective. They put you up in housing, give you a laptop, work with you to master every subject, and help you get placed. When you find you first 100k/year job then you pay back at 15% you salary for 2 to 3 years and that’s it.

Looks like Lambda school’s charity arm is handling this. And he will be on his way to a better life in no time. https://mobile.twitter.com/AustenAllred/status/1027170602031...

Interesting, but it says the classes are live from the comfort of your own home. I do not see where they mention putting you up in housing. Can you point me to that?

Reach out to their website. They just released housing in SF. https://mobile.twitter.com/AustenAllred Reach out to him he’s one of the founders. I heard about the housing from his Twitter.

Shoot I should have mentioned it’s 50k or more. I think. Not 100k

Yeah 50k with tuition capped at like 30k — apologies for the misinformation

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