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User-facing software is about politics the same way architecture (like for buildings) is political: sure there is a lot that software and buildings can do to make people do one thing instead of another, but they don't change the fundamental things that drive us. This article tries to exaggerate the impact software design actually has.

I disagree.

When both the operator and the operand are people, the operation is political by definition.

We could maybe argue about degrees, but I think the premise is beyond doubt.

The degree to which your comment has been downvoted makes me laugh. This article basically points out EXACTLY what HN's blindspot is, I'm amazed it even got posted and that I saw it in their algo.

Depends on how you define political which sounds incredibly lawyery. Honest Research proving a substance is or isn't carcinogenic in itself may lack any political motivation. However those with an interest may politicize it.

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