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Hi Dstik, being 100% candid, I donĀ“t really understand from your landing what the product does =/

Hey bdagnino, we definitely need to work on that :)

Tape is a video-based communication tool for remote teams using the story-format for consumption. Starting a tape is as easy as sending a snap (with a subject line), replies are threaded inline (think email meets stories) which results in clearer communication and better team chemistry as you get more "face-time" with your remote colleagues.

Currently, organizations with remote teams use Tape for elements of agile (stand up, retrospective, sprint planning) as well as meeting replacement (time shifting meetings to asynchronous video instead of struggling to coordinate live calls across time-zones) and for overall communication. It is deeply integrated into Slack which fits into most workflows.

I'd love to chat more about how we can help your team! (dave [at] trytape.com)

You crossed into spamming a long time ago in this thread. It's fine to link to your own work if it's relevant and part of an interesting conversation. It's not fine to hijack conversations for promotion. Please don't do that.

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