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Don't you USUALLY read editorial type news on the site you know, instead of SEARCHING for it?

Yes, probably.

Do you seriously think that "research and shopping" doesn't constitute overwhelming majority of searches?

Yes, I do think so and that supports my point. Those type searches are not usually satisfied by viewing a small screenshot of a site's homepage.

The only thing I'm guarding is MY OWN CONTENT. I wrote it. I own it.

Calm down. I certainly agree content creators own the rights to their content. :)

If this is really a problem I'm sure Google would allow some way for sites to opt out of the preview. However, I'm thinking that Google's priority is to give users the best search experience possible, so sites that don't allow the preview might rank lower in search results. I'd certainly allow it for my sites.

Google was built on shoulders of people who produce the content.

I'd argue there is a symbiotic relationship between content creators and search engines/portals. Without each other neither would likely have many visitors.

I totally agree content creators have the right to say how their content is displayed beyond fair use. However, at the same time Google and other search engines are going to strive to give users the best possible experience, and that probably means helping them avoid spammy/low quality sites by previewing past them.

I'm glad we agree.

Yes, it was symbiotic, that's why it was "kind of" fair play until NOW.

Now they're pulling the blanket to their side and it starts to get parasitic.

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