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Fast-Path Loop Unrolling of Non-Counted Loops [pdf] (ssw.jku.at)
43 points by gbrown_ 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Title exceeded character limit, hence not being submitted with the verbatim title of the paper "Fast-Path Loop Unrolling of Non-Counted Loops to Enable Subsequent Compiler Optimizations".

skimming the paper

> We implemented our approach on top of the GraalVM, a high-performance virtual machine for Java, and evaluated it with a set of Java and JavaScript benchmarks in terms of peak performance, compilation time and code size increase. We show that our approach can improve performance by up to 150% while generating a median code size and compile-time increase of not more than 25%. Our results indicate that fast-path unrolling of non-counted loops can be used in practice to increase the performance of Java applications.

150% of non-counted loop speed or 150% of total application speed? i suspect the first. i wonder how prevalent those kind of loops are ...


> We evaluated our implementation on top of the GraalVM by running and analyzing a set of industry-standard benchmarks.

for the Java DaCapo suite it looks like it didn't do much except making the variability of the jython runtime more unpredictable.

throughput for javascript jetstream looks good.

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