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Show HN: Festivilia: Filmmakers best option for effective festival distribution (festivilia.com)
4 points by festivilia on July 29, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Festivilia allows filmmakers get into over 500 film festivals just by filling one submission form. This automatically saves filmmakers the stress of submitting blindly to film festivals by matching and submitting their film to only film festivals that are a perfect match for the film thereby increasing their chances of selection, saving them time and money.

Started as a result of my own frustration in having to comb through numerous film festivals rules and regulations from the other submission platforms available before deciding which is a perfect fit for my film. I will rather prefer to use my time for other valuable things. Unfortunately, that can't happen because I have to do all the work, so the idea of Festivilia was born to help other filmmakers like myself spend less time scouting and submitting to film festivals and focus on creating more amazing films.

Festivilia covers festivals both from major submission platforms like Filmfreeway, Withoutabox, Shortfilmdepot etc, as well as the growing number of festivals that request direct submission. It’s an independent database made by filmmakers for filmmakers. Our team is constantly researching and reviewing festivals and only adds competitions worth submitting to!

Will love hear feedbacks from the community

I just wrapped up post-production on my first short film, "Mead" and was looking for a resource like this!

Glad you could find us! We will be very excited to watch and review your film. Feel free to try out the service.

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