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My theory has always been that this is Sean Sturgeon's tenth murder. Number nine was Nina. And the plan for number ten was getting Hans convicted of murder and put to death by the state. The ultimate thrill for the serial killer who no longer draws excitement from mere axe murdering and dismemberment.

Hans couldn't possibly be a murderer despite the evidence, but you believe some guy killed 8 people with no evidence whatsoever? They might not have found Nina's body, but the supposed other 8 victims don't even have names. It was just a bullshit story to cast some doubt.

Just to be clear, I don't actually believe that. I just think it's a cool idea, but I didn't want to log out and make a new account just to post it as a short story.

Speaking of which, isn't it time to add Paul Graham to the programming language creator or serial killer game?

He's too cute to believably be a serial killer. tlb and rtm on the other hand...especially now that tlb has shaved his head.

I am not sure why .. but PG sometimes reminds me of the fat majin buu.

For anyone else that has no idea what "fat majin buu" means (it's surprisingly hard to Google for, as most links are dead or tiny):


I don't see the similarity.

google image search, yo

Of course. But this was on page three "and most links are dead or tiny", as I pointed out above. I just found it frustrating to click on five or six pages that were dead--and many that were the skinny "majin buu", which seems to be the far more common one. So, I thought I'd share the nicely sized set of images that I finally found after several search misfortunes.

Didn't Sturgeon confess? Not sure how much (if any) corroborating evidence there is, but a confession is something.


Not only did Sturgeon not confess to the the murder Reiser was convicted of, but after claiming to have killed 7 other people, he was not arrested or charged of any crime. To believe in some kind of coverup, conspiracy, or massive miscarriage of justice here, you have to believe that the State of California was willing to ignore seven other murders in order to screw over Reiser.

The reasonable explanation here is that the evidence available to both the prosecution and the defense suggests that Sturgeon is simply a nutcase telling stories.

Nutcase? I think its abundantly clear he was deliberately trying to cast doubt by telling lies. I'm not sure if I should be surprised as I am that the internet so readily believes such a blatant ploy. I suspect if he wasn't a geek reddit/slashdot/digg/hackernews would be unable to stop laughing at the blatant transparency of it.

If Sturgeon was lying, was he charged with falsely reporting a crime and was the jury warned that his testimony might be suspect? If not, it seems reasonable to believe that the State of California was trying to screw Reiser over.

No matter what other story you want to tell based on California's actions, the last sentence of your comment is predicated on the idea that the state betrayed seven other murder cases simply to get at Hans Reiser.

Oops that was poor grammar on my part. I meant the "if not" to refer to the state informing the jury.

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