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As a Indian who owned the first iPhone along with a Macbook and has been using a iPhone 6S with MBP for last 2 years I have a few points to add..

1. Its difficult for the average phone user to be convinced to spend money on a device that would cost considerably less if purchased outside the country. For example, someone was telling me (I haven't personally validated) that its cheaper to take a flight to Bangkok, Thailand and pickup a Macbook Pro 15' 2018 and get it back than buy it in a local store. The same thing holds true for iPhones as well. A lot of people get phones from friends / family traveling to other countries as its cheaper to buy there.

2. Android phones provide a lot of options at a variety of price points. The choice is ultimately the reason most people go the Android route. In case of Apple, only the iPhone SE is priced in a reasonable way (as the article points).

3. You don't get the same experience buying a iPhone as other countries as Apple does not have flagship Apple stores. The sales happen through re-sellers. That could be a factor as well.

4. Broadly expanding to other Apple products, the clear lack of choice puts people off. For example, I really want to buy the Macbook 12' but with a upgraded 16 GB RAM. But that option is not available on the online store or with the reseller.

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