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I thought they charged on a per minute basis. Still ... a valuable resource.

I haven't done the costing but seems buying a cheapo printer is more economical than using any per-minute service .. especially, when one is getting started. That said, last cheapo printer I got kept breaking down .. when I was in an inspired mood, I had to wrestle with the darn printer. Seems like a nice model where I can rely on someone else to keep the printer working - if it is cheap enough :)

Yep it appears there is a fee. I hadn't looked into the details, but assumed they must charge at least for material.

Seems as if there's no time limit, but you are charged for filament. (Plus sales tax)

> A printing fee of $0.10 per 1 gram of filament (printing material) will be charged for each print job. An average print job is about 10 grams and costs $1 (10 grams x $0.10 = $1). There is a minimum charge of $0.10 per print job. A 13% tax is also applied to each print job.

> A maximum of two hours is allowed for most print jobs with a dedicated printer available for longer prints at all locations (except Toronto Reference Library). Call your nearest Digital Innovation Hub to inquire about rules and availability of booking a longer print.


TPL Digital Innovation Hub: https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/using-the-library/comput...

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