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Pumpable Ice Technology (wikipedia.org)
48 points by kw71 on July 24, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 30 comments

Would love to have something like this in some kind of portable vest. So long as the cooling unit and battery pack are reasonably small, I could wear it anytime I leave my house (it's 35+C here in Tokyo and uncomfortable)

https://coolshirt.com/ is the industry standard for continuous-use systems, take a look :)

huh, never seen those used anywhere outside of motorsports.

Leave it to the Japanese to be genuinely interested in high-maintenance convenience gadgets. And yes I've been to Japan in the middle of summer. 35C isn't your problem, it's the near 100% humidity that makes people uncomfortable.

Then again, "I'm too hot" can be solved on an individual level, even if the solution is bulky (thermoregulating vests are a real thing). "It is too humid" is not a problem you can even start solving other indoor climate control and never going outside.

I've solved the humidity problem: get comfortable with being sweaty. High heat on the other hand, especially in combination with humidity, would have serious effects. Where I'm from, it occasionally will get to 110F, and rarely 115F, sometimes higher (albeit, with low humidity). I've seen recycling bins melted to the sidewalk on the hottest days.

How much water do you (reader) drink in a given day? I wonder how drastic the effects of heat and sweat vary, depending on how much water a person has.

Thank yiu. I'm aware of that option. They last 30-60 minutes before needing to swap out the cooling packs. So useful only when you are near a refilling station.

Not necessarily ready-made, but an interesting discussion with Adam Savage about cooling down costumes (including a cooling vest/suit):


I keep wishing to make a solar powered peltier cooling module vest..

Peltier cooling modules are pretty cheap nowadays, but they require too much power and need too much heat sinking to be useful in a wearable, in my opinion.

Either you become a walking solar panel or you have to carry around a pretty hefty battery for it to be useful for any significant period of time, and either option may end up weighing so much that you’ll heat up anyway from carrying all that extra weight around.

As much as I would love to have a peltier cooling vest, I don’t think it’s practical. However, if there existed a muscular exoskeleton (in the vein of power armor from Fallout or The Expanse) that could compensate for its own extra weight and bulkiness, then an active-cooling garment might actually work.

Or just buy an air-conditioned fursuit ;)

maybe circulating exo-skeleton ? with cooling gloves and soles

That would be pretty awesome, although I can’t imagine it would be anything more than a garage project without some way to significantly reduce the weight or have it handle some of the weight through some sort of active posture control.

But if those things can be resolved, I bet there are some juicy defense contracts waiting in the wings...

brb, have some welding on the stove

Start with athletic wear. There’s a lot you can do just to avoid getting sweaty and it really does help. For me shirts and socks make a big difference.

Awesome.. I'm just reading Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. This is pretty much the technology that that they use to cool their 300KW sci-fi computers :)

there are many trademark names for such coolant, like "Deepchill", “Beluga”, “optim”, “flow”, “fluid”, “jel”, “binary”, “liquid”,[4] “maxim”, “whipped”,[5] “bubble slurry”[6] ice

What the hell? Can you get high off this stuff or something?

I think listing out every brand-name (without even linking to a single one) is just an example of what an unusual Wikipedia page this is, seemingly written by one expert in the field, but without the editing standards one comes to expect from Wikipedia.

Indeed, the apparently now-inactive Swallow2011.

Any kind of Flurocarbons, often found in refrigerants, can get you high as balls. But dangerous stuff.

slurpee/icee machines use this as well. As an engine mechanic, ice pumping is also used sometimes in refrigerated cargo trucks. Usually these trailers are carrying certain chemicals that become percussive-sensitive (explosive) at higher temperatures, but can be transported normally if chilled a little bit.

FCB (frozen carbonated beverages, the trade term for Slurpee/Icee) machines are not under hydraulic pressure, though. There might be a small amount of air pressure because of the beaters rotating on the mix.

They're building an new subway system where I live. To dig the tunnels, they first freeze the ground to stabilize it, and they use this system to do so. That's neat!

>"Food liquid" or drink (a liquid that is specially prepared for human consumption) is a part of the culture of human society and not only a substance which addresses the basic human need to drink.

What a weird sentence!

More than a few paragraphs in there read like a marketing spiel but some of it might just be an author in the field using terms of art and other verbage that wanders across their desk. Reads naturally to them but totally alien to muggles.

This sentence was certainly not emitted by an alien. Its provenance could only be the humanoid cortex.

Every sentence in that article is an act of wilful vandalism inflicted on the english language.

I love obscure pages like this... too technical to be removed, too obscure to attract users who would edit the content into a more readable form.

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