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On paper. Physically writing stimulates neurology. This then gets embedded into the subconscious.


And some tidbits on goalsetting which I'd have liked 15 years ago...

Goals are - SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-bound) - written in present tense. - stated in the positive. - attached to an identity, or 'self-image'. - expansive.

"I will own 30 apartments" (future tense) -> "I own 30 apartments." (present tense) -> "I am the owner of 30 apartments." (identity) -> "I am the owner of 30 or more apartments." (expansive)

"I will quit smoking by July 31." (future tense) -> "I quit smoking by July 31." ('quit' is negative)-> "I am free from cigarettes by July 31."

More important than the outcome, is how you see yourself. If you couldn't imagine yourself as a person achieving the goal, then it won't occur.

Who do you have to become, to achieve the goal?

Never leave the scene of plan without taking action. After setting a goal, at least 1 crumb-sized action must be taken immediately. Who could you message, call, email...?

I think the problem is that the definition of goals is too vague and narrow causing the problem with using SMART system. I believe you need a hierarchy of goals, like so:

- Mission: This could be specific like "bring humans to Mars" or it could be vague like "accelerate space exploration".

- Strategy: This should be the principles and methods used to implement the mission. Example: "Starting up a private company that works on rocket technology. Sell electric cars on the side to make money."

- Roadmap: This should be actionable, measurable and time-based such as "build a reusable rocket by 2016"

I use paper too, and have designed a small notebook around this idea of longer term goals with "crumb-size" daily actions: https://twentyweeks.com (shameless plug for my side project)

nice! why 10 week sprints? :P

It mostly came down to math, and that 48 pages is typically the max number of pages for a saddle-stitch book. I explained a little bit more about the design process here if you're curious to know more: https://1rick.com/designing-bluebird.html

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