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Your timing is terrible. Best time to post something on HN is 8:30 eastern time, that way you get the best chance of being noticed. Evening is almost certainly going to miss the majority of the visitors to the site and by morning your post will be gone.

What didn't help is that you posted it as 'self post', so one without a link (those are penalized).

Better to wait until 8:30 tomorrow morning, post it as a linked article and put your explanatory text in the first comment.

Good luck!

Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. Now I understand why you have 40k karma ;)

I put a lot of work into this site and to have it only get 3 comments and 2 points was kind of a let down, and also kind of confusing.

The karma is mostly because I spend too much time here ;)

Sorry to be a n00b, what is, "What didn't help is that you posted it as 'self post', so one without a link (those are penalized)?"

If you post an article on HN that has text instead of a link (that's the two options you've got, read the 'submit' page, it literally says "Leave url blank to submit a question for discussion. If there is no url, the text (if any) will appear at the top of the comments page. If there is a url, the text will be ignored.") then your post will be ranked differently from the posts that contain just a link to a URL pointing elsewhere.

The 'self' presumably refers to the article being HN only.

To avoid meta-discussion and 'Ask HN' style posts clogging up the new page they are penalized, so they'll typically drop off faster even if they do receive a lot of votes. And if they don't receive a lot of votes then they're gone even faster.

So if you want your 'rate my startup' post to be seen best just post the link, and add any extra info as the first comment in the thread.

Got it, thanks.

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