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I see what you're getting at. What I meant was, I work 50 hour weeks. During my spare time, I'm getting my business up and running. If I can ever be in a position which I can focus on my business full time without starving, then I'll do that. That'll happen right around when I save up $15k, or the business is successful. Just because there's no way out of my job doesn't make me not an entrepreneur :P

You probably have a better spirit than I do. I have [well over 15k], and really enough to live on for years without FTE, but I'm waiting until I actually have a revenue stream before quitting my job.

It's tempting to do that, but check this out. I sat down and created a spreadsheet, listing all my monthly debts (including food). I then said, "Okay, I will go out on foot and pitch 10 teachers per month to use my service, resulting in $100 / month increase in revenue." In the spreadsheet, you'll be able to predict your total cost per month, and the month that revenue exceeds debt, the total cost is how much money you need to start your startup. But one last thing: Whatever your debt is, double it per month. Whatever you predict your revenue will be, cut that in half. I came to a total of $15k, because I have small debts since I'm 19. But it really puts into perspective just how little it costs to start a startup.

By the way, what's your startup?


"By the way..."


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