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Recently I have been pondering something very similar, but strictly "arpeggio"-based [0] and for regular keyboards, and whether it could be comparatively performant like normal qwerty. I've amused myself fancying scenario when using just fraction of keys in an unusual way could perhaps beat traditional touch typing professionals. I've seen some video where blind person claimed that typing on braille keyboard [1] could be insanely fast.

Coincidentally, today I have been testing what my keyboard can handle in regards of how many simultaneously pressed keys it recognizes at most. (I know it depends on particular keyboard hardware and its "ghosting", but it was fun to try out [2]. I've squeezed 12 keys max.)

[0] in penti vocabulary, meaning progressions of several held and released keys, mainly to circumvent hassle of definition what timespan is still "parallel" and what "progression". Releasing the last key could be the end of progression and produce output. [1] like http://www.teach-ict.com/as_a2_ict_new/ocr/AS_G061/312_softw... [2] http://myfonj.github.io/tst/keyboard-simultaneous-keys.html not perfect, since some keys or OS key combos produces funky results…

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