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This is a cool idea. New explorations and innovations in this direction are very welcome IMHO. I'm still a bit dismayed after reading about Douglas Engelbart's 5-key chording keysets that there's very little on the market to fill such a niche completely.

It may be argued that we now have mouses with 5+ buttons, when Engelbart himself scaled back from 5 to 3 for the mouse hand, and we're now used to keeping one hand on the keyboard where we commonly do two- and three-finger chords, but there's a certain level of facility that I think can still only be realized with a dedicated chording keyset.

Engelbart's keysets could also provide two-way communication (by puffing air under the keys) to do things like prompt for certain responses when mousing over certain screen elements, which still seems slightly out of reach for smartphones' limited "haptic feedback" (not that I saw that mentioned here, just something that came to mind when I saw this was an implementation for touchscreen devices).

I’d like to see someone develop a chorded keyboard with some sort of gesture based feedback. An advanced sign language for computer input.

Cameras, etc could be used to read our gestures:



I also think our hands could do more in keyboard position. Lift off slightly and gestures could be recognized by a camera, even things like 2-finger scrolling could be done by lifting the fingers slightly and doing it.

Same with pinch-zoom or scroll. Or when working with a 3D model, making a hand shape as if you were gripping a globe, you should be able to twist and rotate objects on screen.

I remember posting excitedly about this on Slashdot 15 years ago and am just remembering it now. This should be easily achievable with modern libraries to get basic detection working.

Although some abhor the idea and want more complex keystrokes chords, for myself I think there are specific gestures I consider intuitive and wouldn't have to particularly learn anything new.

LeapMotion gesture sensors were shipping in HP Laptops at least 5 years ago, this is from 2013: https://www.cnet.com/pictures/this-hp-laptop-has-a-built-in-...

How does it compare to the Soli?

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