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I would imagine having to use a touchscreen is a serious speed impediment, because of inherent latency issues on a touchscreen (if it responds too quickly, it gets too many transients). Physical chord keyboards should be able to go faster. I've seen various conflicting reports of how fast a chorded keyboard can go, possibly because it's really hard to find anyone with 10 years experience on a chorded keyboard.

I have no issue typing full speed with two thumbs on a large phone in portrait. This incidentally enables an 80-column terminal....

That is, even on QUERTY on a laptop keyboard I get significantly higher typing speeds due to the use of more than 4 fingers combined with the lower travel distance (measured relative to the target precision), along with the distinct tactile feedback of whether you hit the key or one next to it. Tactile feedback, like a blackberry keyboard, would allow even higher speeds and, most importantly, allow to keep the eyes off the thumbs, as they are needed to use typos as feedback and also to correct these typos.

I definitely agree about the tactile feedback, but thinking purely about how much more movement you have to do makes me think that traditional keyboard should be faster. Now if this would be mirrored to your other hand then I could see that someone who mastered this could in theory be faster. Purely speculating on all of these points thou

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