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This reminds me of steno keyboards and the plover system. It's interesting, but I don't think it's the most important thing for developers. In my opinion a comfortable keyboard like an ortho one, and a bunch of helpers like modal editor and shortcuts using something like qmk provide the most value. That takes you to like 90%. Using steno after that is just pushing you to like 95%. (I know that's some weird random metric, but hopefully I got the point across.)

Stenography is likely overkill if you're only coding: an orthographic and/or split keyboard, keyboard shortcuts, a snippets, and autocomplete gets you most of the way there. Unlike prose, you really don't crank out that many characters of code very quickly.

The question is really: how much of your day do you spend writing prose rather than code? For me, I have a lot of instant messaging to do with coworkers in remote offices, or emails to write or respond to, or design documents to write. In this case, stenography really helps me out, and since I've learned it, I might as well use it for coding where it's convenient (mostly comments but also for writing some new lines of code.)

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