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Browsers used in 5500+ HN visits yesterday (imgur.com)
58 points by QuantumGood on Oct 4, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 32 comments

What weird part of the internet is that from? Chrome the #1 browser on Mac and PC?

I honestly think that should be the headline of the post since I find that a lot more interesting. I've had the feeling for some time that the early adopter market is shifting from Firefox to Chrome and this provides some anecdotal evidence for that conclusion.

I agree. Know how to edit the title? I can't seem to find a way to do it. Maybe I don't have enough karma?

I've been using chrome as my primary browser for over a year now. I find firefox to be almost as frustrating to use as IE in terms of performance.

Same here. I almost gave up on Firefox and went back to IE. I downloaded Chrome the day it was first released and have used it ever since. Chrome had some nasty bugs and shortcomings early on, and I almost gave up on it, too, but subsequent versions have kept me (mostly) satisfied.

What do you mean? Chrome is rapidly eating through Firefox's user base. Especially on more tech-savvy sites, it's not uncommon to see Chrome start overtaking every other browser (I think TechCrunch or a similar site released their August browser share stats, with Chrome just about to lap Firefox).

And on Linux!

Y'know, sometimes I admire Apple for doing comparative advertising without ever using the product name of That Other Operating System.

...Google analytics from davidglarson.com. I just found it so pleasant to see a day without IE I had to share :)

Don't want to rain on your parade, but how the usage (or lack ) of a certain piece of software can affect your mood?

Don't you think this is unnecessary bias?

The lack of a certain piece of software, software which has caused countless hours of headache and lost productivity for web developers everywhere, is enough to affect my mood. Positively :)

I started developing sites in 2000, so...many years of frustration have created my "unnecessary bias."

What is the point of this post? The numbers don't add up to 100%, and the statement is incorrect if IE got cut off in the lower rank. Looks like people are just up-voting this post because it says "no IE".

Recently, I've been trying to use IE9 beta for my daily use. I rarely see difference or annoyance from chrome. Only thing I would like IE9 to have is...bookmark sync, which is only thing preventing me from using IE9 permanently.

Try Windows Live Sync. It's still in beta, but it has an option to sync IE bookmarks. I think it also works with older versions of IE.

I don't understand the idea of "trying to use" another browser. Why not just use one that works for you? Is there something else compelling in IE9 that makes you want to switch?

Just experimenting. All because people nowadays are bashing on products and services without any clear reason IMHO. Plus, I like to judge on products by myself before I bash on something :)

Don't get me wrong. Chrome works well for me..except the frequent crashes on some foreign sites that use flash intensively. I could be issues in Flash, Chrome, or both. IE9 hasn't crashed..YET.

Where could I download IE9 for OSX ?

Maybe you could do a types of sausages eaten at lunchtime or colour of buckets used by HN users or fight club rules...


Hooray for chrome! I'm a little disappointed to see so many users on mac/windows, though :(

Interesting! But 11.49% is unaccounted for in the list. (gray area in the pie chart)

Do you know how much of that is IE? Is it really so little that it didn't make the top 10-list?

I am not happy with this piechart, nor the numbers. The total percentage goes up to 88.51%, so you've hidden the last 11.49%.

This is a complete list of all browsers to http://wheremymoneygoes.com/ from Hacker News. IE accounts for 2.6% of traffic.


Foolish of me. Here's the top 35: http://i.imgur.com/Qu61u.png

Was just wondering, any reason why hackers seem to prefer Mac over Linux ?

That's because it's too difficult to make addons for IE9.

this information deeply saddens me... However I am please to see no IE :)

Wow even the bots aren't pretending to be IE anymore!

Is it really no IE or just no IE in top ten?

The latter is basically as good as the former ..

There could be more than 10 browsers overall, but only the top 10 were measured.

Good question. Here's the top 35: http://i.imgur.com/Qu61u.png

I remember seeing charts like that when Reddit started... just you wait until reddit fucks something up like reddit and HN turns to poop too from the internet newbies that will flood it.

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