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Baseless name calling one of the big superpowers "the aggressor" is perhaps even more dangerous, and unwise to say the least. But let's not get political, it's a freaking text editor.

Yeah, that kind of derogatory down-playing of another culture reeks of classic cold-war rhetoric. I hope we can do without that type of othering.

Also, 'Tsar' is a term that was also used outside of Russia (Bulgaria, Serbia) — never mind that the last Russian 'Tsar' died over a century ago; 1721 even if you follow the Russian naming convention!

The wordplay using Caesar is not as catchy though.

On that note we maybe should change the name of the game of Bridge.

If so I would like to change the meaning of playing a trump card at the same time.

Politics are important. Please let us not trivialize them by such non-issues. The etymology of the words goes much much deeper.

"The one who only takes joking for joke and seriously only seriously, he and she have actually taken both of them badly"

> On that note we maybe should change the name of the game of Bridge.

I don't get it—what's the relationship?

Few do as the name sounds so innocuous. But the name likely originated from the russian biritch.


Maybe too contrived.

But I did not think the blatant xenophobia in the OP should stand unopposed.

Especially for a word which already to a high degree has been assimilated into (US) English.


But when I need to explain the joke I must admit defeat :-)

What aggressor? As I understand it, the US and Russia are best pals now. We filthy Europeans are apparently the enemy nowadays.

> pretending that it isn't the culture of the aggressor

Pretending the USA isn't the main aggressor is delusional.

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