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WordPerfect document formatting was and is total trash compared to Wordstar's.

Wordperfect was far more powerful than Wordstar, you just had to get used to operating in their strange kinda-sorta-but not really WSYWIG mode; and pull up the codes view to sort out occasional oddities. All in the most unfriendly set of shortcuts and codes imaginable. :)

WP had unbeatable table of contents, footnotes and index generation at the time - far better than Wordstar, and Word.

To this day I am utterly lost without Reveal Codes. So lost. Something is happening to this text... but why? Gosh.

Do you mean WYSIWYG? I am not familiar otherwise.

I was genuinely asking since I couldn't find WSYWIG vs WYSIWYG, and thought it might be something else. Oh well...

I used to live in "show codes" mode, a.k.a. F3

In my opinion it was miles ahead of Wordstar and a bit similar to what is now HTML tags.

The macro language of wordperfect 5.1 did let me add auto-correction for common typos.

And some other things like: if typing a comma after a space, move the comma to be before the space, and the same for dots.

I'm sure wordstar was nice, but for me it was just not as powerful.

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