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I think you are going about this all the wrong way. You seem to think that most people who use positive words are just putting up a facade and using these words for the sake of using them.

Consider the co-worker who acknowledges hard work you do, and appreciates you for your effort. This acknowledgement gives this you a sense of accomplishment, which in turn makes you feel happier and better.

Consider the neighbor who offers help when he notices you have a problem with your car, or gives you advice that helps you solve your problem easier.

Consider the person who recognizes that you have a disability or health defect, and chooses to help you and provide you with positive reinforcement to help you focus on progress and feel better about your situation.

I think the article, and the notion of "positive people," is more than just throwing a word around. It's about people who add weight and meaning to their words through thoughtful consideration and genuine compassion.

There will be no progress if the crap you just made is considered "awesome"...

Who said that it had to be considered "awesome"? And why dont you educate us on what qualifies as a mechanism for progress?

you said it: "most people who use positive words"

I don't educate people that are not ready to be educated!

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