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I am just finishing reading the Hyperion Cantos which is an absolutely inspired masterwork by Dan Simmons.

I can’t stand rereading / rewatching anything, this series is so rich that it feels like reading fresh material all over again.


Fully agreed with that. Along with LOTR are the series that I did read most times. The first book can also be seen as an antology of short stories, each one superb, but the total is far more than the sum of the parts.

Came here to say that Hyperion to me is a SF masterpiece.

Another recommendation from me too. This series takes you to some magical places and ideas.

I always considered the HC to be Hyperion and The Dawn of Hyperion. They as entity, leaving things open but felt cohesive. Would you recommend the later Endymions?

Absolutely. The latter two books have a different feel but are as impressive as the first in different ways.

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