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Things We Need to Know About Technological Change (1998) [pdf] (ucdavis.edu)
34 points by mpweiher 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

When I was in high school, I read Postman's "Teaching as a Subversive Activity". The thing I remember most about the book is it asking the question "What is important?" and suggesting that such a question might actually belong in the classroom. I think this article meshes with this - Shall we examine our own objectives, or simply carry on enthusiastically with the tools provided by new technology, to unexamined ends.

I think it's always going to be a balance. What happens when you reach the end? It loops. It's either similar to what you already know, or different. Sometimes the differences are almost imperceptible, because believing you know everything about a thing is the same as knowing nothing about it.

“Amusing Ourselves to Death” is a book I read this year, which is a good, prophetic read on media consumption. And it was written long before the internet became mainstream - mostly focused on the effects of television. It also lead me to Marshall McLuhan - even more of a prophet of media.

Postman is a remarkable model as a fine writer ... organization, clarity, reason ...

Ok... lengthy article... how do I validate the ideas here? Are they predictive? Are they prescriptive? Are they correct (aside from most of them being somewhat obvious). Are they helpful?

I can't say I'm illuminated. Maybe others are.

Definitely not as horrifying as those of Zeynep Tufekci, which I find very objectionable.

I guess tech philosophy is a thing now.

the whole technology addiction makes me wonder about the value of unknown

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