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XPS is great. Runs Linux very well.

Source? I can only find articles of people complaining that they can not get the switchable graphics to work or can get it to work and have horrible battery life. This guy (https://medium.com/@kemra102/linux-on-the-dell-xps-15-919e6d...) tried 11 linux distributions and describes his experience as "horrible".

I heard it's super loud and the fan is running very much. Dell also seem to have very low quality.

I can't speak to the 15" versions, but my XPS13 (onboard graphics only) runs KDE Neon beautifully with no noise or build quality issues.

It's probably my favorite work laptop to date. The only minor gripe is that I haven't been able to find a good combination of settings to prevent accidental touchpad activation while typing.

People also often mention coil whine which I haven't noticed on this model, the 15" might be different.

You can control fan activation with power control utilities like powertop.

I don't know why you think Dell is "very low quality". I've seen Dell laptops last for years under heavy usage.

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