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He also complains about a Chrome bug, a Slack bug, and an IntilliJ bug. 3rd parties doing no QA and not respecting UX conventions on the most popular distro is a problem, but not really with Linux.

Kind of missing the point, when he/she is simply talking about the day-to-day experience of using the OS.

2 out of three are proprietary software that you pay for and all 3 have free alternatives that are better.

He's also running unknown version of Ubuntu, probably old, that he doesn't know how to use properly. Odds are really great he's one of those that pastes unknown terminal commands from blog posts to achieve goals he doesn't quite understand and his install is screwed up in some way that would require hours of troubleshooting or 30 minutes to install over top of.

Its like reading an analysis of Chinese quisine written by a guy who only buys past date 99c frozen dinners.

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