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Surface Book is really great; I quite liked my SOs surface. I decided to go with an XPS 13 and have been incredibly happy.

I was considering the XPS series myself. Heard great things about it. Are you running windows or unix?

I just moved from an XPS to a surface book and I'd say if you can afford it go for the surface book, it's everything I liked about the XPS but with a detachable keyboard and a pen extra.

How does it compare to the XPS 2-in-1 models? The 3:2 aspect ratio seems tempting (even if slightly lower resolution) as does the battery life. Pen support should be quite comparable (wacom AES vs N-Trig), I guess? Reviews said batterylife with the screen detached is very short?

The big drawback for me for the surface book would seem to be the subpar support for other OSs.

I can't compare to XPS myself, but:

Pen support is better than the original surface pro's, which I believe were wacom. Hard to pin that on pen tech vs OS improvements, though. The pen needing a Quad-A battery is a bit annoying, but they're not too hard to find, and just one lasts a long time.

Battery life with a detached screen is short, but you'll only really need it detached if you're walking around with it. If you're sitting or lying down, you can just attach it backwards and fold it back onto the keyboard. Heavier, but not to the point of annoyance, and it gives it a nice tilt for reading things if it's on a desk.

Battery life with the keyboard attached is incredible, especially if you can dim the monitor a bit and run in battery saving mode. (The battery saver mode does have a pretty significant perf hit, though). Just don't try to use it at full speed, at least with an i7 and discrete GPU - I can kill my battery in under 2 hours if I try to run something like a graphics-intensive game. For dev stuff I've never had a problem.

Multi-OS support is probably an issue, though WSL does seem to do a pretty good job of most things.

Check Costco. I bought an XPS 15 with 32gb ram for 1800 last winter.

Windows because I use it primarily for gaming/light browsing when away from my desktop, VM for other things. I bought it when I injured my leg and couldn't easily get up to my office.

XPS is great. Runs Linux very well.

Source? I can only find articles of people complaining that they can not get the switchable graphics to work or can get it to work and have horrible battery life. This guy (https://medium.com/@kemra102/linux-on-the-dell-xps-15-919e6d...) tried 11 linux distributions and describes his experience as "horrible".

I heard it's super loud and the fan is running very much. Dell also seem to have very low quality.

I can't speak to the 15" versions, but my XPS13 (onboard graphics only) runs KDE Neon beautifully with no noise or build quality issues.

It's probably my favorite work laptop to date. The only minor gripe is that I haven't been able to find a good combination of settings to prevent accidental touchpad activation while typing.

People also often mention coil whine which I haven't noticed on this model, the 15" might be different.

You can control fan activation with power control utilities like powertop.

I don't know why you think Dell is "very low quality". I've seen Dell laptops last for years under heavy usage.

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