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The Haskell School of Music – From Signals to Symphonies (2014) [pdf] (yale.edu)
129 points by alokrai 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

There is also Extempore[0] and Overtone[1] in case anyone is interested. My favorite live-coded symphony is this[2] one.

[0]: https://github.com/digego/extempore

[1]: http://overtone.github.io

[2]: https://vimeo.com/2579694

As extra info, though the parent comment author probably already knew it, the [2] video is made by the same person that created Extempore, a Lisp dialect on top of LLVM for multimedia live code: Andrew Sorensen.

This guy is awesome.

Unfortunately Paul Hudak died in 2015, so this will never be finished or updated now.

Did some digging, looks like it was finished by Donya Quick:


She also wrote a Python port: https://github.com/donya/PythonEuterpea

(I don't know how complete it is.)

Oh no...

Paul Hudak's book "The Haskell School of Expression" is probably the most beautiful programming-related book I ever read. It not only got me into Haskell (significantly altering my programming path in life), it was also such a joy to read.

I was excited to run across this free PDF book a few years ago but haven’t done much with it. An alternative is Pope’s Common Lisp music tools.

After some searching online, I wasn't able to come up with anything for Pope's Common Lisp music tools.

But it sounds really interesting.

Any pointers to help find it/them?

Anyone else bothered by the font on the code example in this book? I peruse through the first 2 chapters and the font made it very hard to read through the code quickly.

I really wish the publisher would use a different font when the finished book comes out than what's shown here.

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