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Python 3 avoided becoming what Perl 6 has. That alone is a victory.

Is there even a "production ready" version of Perl 6 yet? It has to be the worst example of production hell for a computer language in history. It's the poster boy for the second system effect.

There has been a production ready version of Rakudo Perl 6 (https://perl6.org) since Christmas 2015. It has been on a monthly release cycle for years, and a 3-monthly release cycle for Rakudo Star, the "user" distribution (with some bells and whistles added).

Cro (https://cro.services) is a set of libraries for building reactive distributed systems. Comma IDE (https://commaide.com) is an IDE for Perl 6, based on the JetBrains IDEA platform, now in (paid) beta.

If you want to keep up-to-date on Perl 6 development, check out the Perl 6 Weekly (https://p6weekly.wordpress.com).

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