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And get 3 times the does of radiation? Seems impractical, but possibly true.

A chest x-ray will give you 0.1 millisieverts. That's the 60th of the dose limit used in scientific facilities like cern. And 200 times less than for radiation workers.

It's still ok, it's not supposed to be that of a regular procedure.

It actually looks like it's a CT scan, which is a type of x-ray. A chest CT scan is 7 mSv.

Here is a chart: https://xkcd.com/radiation/

X-ray sources are not "monochromatmic" and produce photons across a wide range:


That's not a yes or no. In normal imaging, you need three times as much white light to capture a good color image, because each portion of the film/sensor is only sensitive to a single color. Does this technology avoid that problem?

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