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But the B is for Benevolent. When a huge part of the community is against, does that B still stands?

If both kids want to eat candy as dinner, is the father blocking that not benevolent because he's outnumbered?

There is a reason kids aren't allowed to legally decide for themselves until 18.

In Python land, there is this saying "we are all adults here".

Being an adult also means avoiding creating needless drama.

They are, but they're adults who work in completely different environments and thus have wildly divergent needs.

One contrast:

You have some people who in business and want to do keep an old code base working forever.

You have some people who have no business experience and have no idea what a bottom line is, but might need a feature for a critical open source project that many others will use.

Have you ever tried to debate on python-idea ?

In nearly all cases where parenting is present, children are inferior to their parents in both intelligence and judgement.

This analogy does not work in software.

Repeating sametmax above: "That's the very point of a bdfl : it assumes he knows better than others."

He gave them a fantastic language for free and shepherded it for years - how much more benevolent does he need to be?

For every minute that he holds the BDLF title.

Benevolent: "well meaning and kindly"

You can do something that people disagree with, even something that you think is the best for them, and still be benevolent.

B stands for benevolent even in that case. The target of that benevolence is the project. His call should be in the best interest of the project (benevolent), final (dictator), and (tongue in cheek) eternal (for life)

The D is for dictator. When a huge part of the community is against, the Dictator overrules.

This is what happens when the B and the D collide: you renounce to the FL.

If you are a good person.

I agree with the idea you should give power only to people that don't want it.

I think guido was the right person in power.

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