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"Perception is reality"

You can be a negative/realist as long as your perceived value outweighs your "bad" attitude. The problem with this is that people are really bad at placing value on soft skills and all it takes is one clueless manager to sandbag you.

Everything op said above is spot on

I get the point for an Engineer. There the chances to endless promotions are far higher if you stay nice and calm all the time. Hard earned experience, never got a promotion but always more money and "crazier" jobs over time.

But I mean for anyone with team responsibility: staying silent is bad for you, which is okay if you're in for the career. I totally respect that, people should be ambitious if they want to. But this is the recipe to make workplaces toxic and bad for the whole team.

I'm not saying you have to a Bright Ray of Sunshine all the time. But it might not work out so well of you are the office grouch because it wears people out.

(On the other hand...maybe the place is that bad then)

I can agree to that ;)

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