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KasianFranks 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

> Crypto and AI

One of these things is not like the other

Was this written by a bot or something? Because this is simply a mix of multiple articles instead of sticking to Lightspeed's investment. The quoted a16zcrypto.com is not even real.

And it's even more baffling - How did this even get promoted to 15 votes?

For people who want to read about this investment, here's the original article:


This guy is confusing AI and crypto, almost as if the two terms were interchangeable.

What a poorly written article.

They’re putting Deep AI on the Blockchain. Duh.

Agreed. Poor writing and superficial (at best) thinking seem to be all too common in the vast majority of Medium articles focused on crypto.

The difference between crypto and AI seem significant to me. In crypto's case, the investor is the user, it seems very recruitment driven. Reduce the friction to engaging with the market, increase the pool, the market cap goes up by default. That is kind of a weird thing to invest in but I digress.

AI on the other hand seems far more accreditive. Better AI makes certain things way better permanently (going from not knowing to knowing is a big step). So I could see how dumping money into it despite risking failure could still raise the boat of humanity, and represent accreditive gains for the investor. Crypto is almost the opposite of that.

Mods, can we update the title of this to clarify it's about crypocurrency, not cryptography?

Or better yet, just remove the post because it is incredibly low quality.

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