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I'm looking forward to the very first "real development takes 64GB RAM, 32 just isn't enough" complaints.

Honestly, this looks like a good revision. I've been wanting a quad core 13 inch for a while.

Hopefully the keyboard revision helps with all of the issues people have had.

I did too, but the fact that they limit it to touchbar models means I'm out.

Haha, 32 gb is enough for me at the moment, but I am sure that the engineers at google are doing their best to make sure that chrome consumes record amounts of ram per tab, so soon 32 will no longer be enough.

> "real development takes 64GB RAM, 32 just isn't enough"

cough kubernetes cough

13" is still capped at 16gb.

I'd be very happy with the 32GB at this point, but sadly my company just got me the previous new model with 16GB and I doubt I can convince anyone to reduce my refresh cycle to mere months.

That's next year complaint.

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