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Show HN: Startup Slack Simulator, result of 2 day game jam (now.sh)
8 points by hurricaneSlider 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Woah, this is a really cool idea. I'm a huge fan of games like these--stuff like Life is Strange, Coming Out Simulator [1], and Bury me, my Love [2].

This also has great potential for Silicon Valley-esque (the show) commentary on the tech landscape. I loved the pretend stack, how OverReact was released two weeks ago, and how the entire game is a Slack workspace!

Are you planning on turning this concept into a full game?

[1] https://ncase.itch.io/coming-out-simulator-2014

[2] http://burymemylove.arte.tv/

Thanks eat_veggies! May incorporate some of the ideas into a slightly larger game. Will have to see if they fit.

This is pretty cool, is that a react stack?

It is using Reason React.

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