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The rescue of the crew of the yacht Django (2016) (boatingnz.co.nz)
52 points by curtis 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

"As they arrived they came crashing through these huge waves with spray going everywhere, and there was this double-rainbow behind them. It was amazing."

To be sitting in rough seas on a boat that could sink at any second, and then to see the cavalry come crashing through the 5m waves like that...amazing might be an understatement.

I read this story, then I went into the movie Adrift with a similar storyline. This story was much more vivid than the movie, even if the movie had impressive special effects.

nice > “I saw an albatross flying backwards and thought, ‘Shit, this is pretty windy.’

+1! New go-to for suggesting there's evidence you're about to have a bad time.

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