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Worker Surveillance and Class Power (lpeblog.org)
19 points by Futurebot 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I had an interview at a company, peak6, that allegedly disallowed any sort of out loud work conversations. From what I was told, they only allowed work conversations over IM. That, and tons of cameras strewn around their overpriced office. In the end, they strung me along for something like 3 months while the employee I was supposed to replace decided to stay in the position.

Be wary of a company that offers so little trust and care for its employees - and potential employees!

I'm picturing a large wall-mounted light-up dashboard, one line for every worker. As a result of your interview, the status for the person you were "supposed to replace" blinked a red light indicating that their replacement was queued. In the three months that followed, that person cleaned up their act and was thus taken off of probation.

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