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Amazon Homepage is Down (amazon.com)
34 points by huangc10 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

Boy, I can't wait to read the post mortem on this one.

Just the homepage being down makes me think the entire site is down, but as another user pointed out, you can still search and links work.

I wonder if checkout works. Can anyone confirm?

Checkout works, you just have to search for the item and once you're off the homepage everything is normal.

Thanks for confirming. I was curious too, but all the small purchases I have are "Add on items" ;-)

I'm really curious how much this actually causes Amazon's revenue to drop. You can still buy things and search, but consumers are probably going to be put off by the home page message.

EDIT: And now it's back up.

Just the home page it seems, deep links and searches working for me.


Small e-commerce companies should really use cloudfront for their homepage!

FWIW: I wouldn't notice since my bookmark goes directly to my orders page. I never see the home page. I also never see the home page of google or github.

> I also never see the home page of google

What do you see instead?

IDK about github, but for google I generally just type stuff into the search bar and press enter. When do you see the homepage of google?

Ditto. Github goes out of their way to not show you a home page. If your cookies are logged in then going to github.com takes you directly to your personal page.

This has to be costing Amazon a fortune at the moment

Better today than Monday.

Using numbers from 2013, Amazon makes $2000 per second, down for 30 minutes = 3.6M

Edited: per hour to per second

That's only true if people bounced of a broken homepage completely cancel their purchase, instead of waiting 10 minutes.

Most stores close overnight. They wouldn't double revenue if they opened overnight.

Per hour? Do you mean per second?

Good catch, you're correct it's per second not per hour.

Looks like just the desktop homepage is down.

Mobile works. Detail and search works.

amazon.com desktop homepage is back up for me!

EDIT: Though it looks quite minimal, there's very little content showing on the front page. Three rows of content.

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