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Uber has terminated its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh (qz.com)
29 points by lemiant 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

The title says "operators", not "operations", which I misread about three times :-(. I.e., there's still a sizable self-driving effort, but they've re-organized the humans doing the actual day-to-day driving of the cars:

> Uber confirmed it laid off about 100 autonomous vehicle operators in Pittsburgh and eliminated the position. The company plans to replace these jobs with about 55 “mission specialists”—specialists who are trained in both on-road and more advanced test-track operations, and who are expected to provide more technical feedback to self-driving car developers. Uber said affected operators could apply for these positions.

It killed them?

Termination is an HR term; title could be more unambiguous.

Pretty sure that was a joke

But humor is incongruous to HN. ;)

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