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Ask HN: What sub-field should I focus on?
1 point by deathWasp271 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Hi, I'm a CS university student from India and have recently finished my freshmen year. I have an age-old habit of self-studying so for the summer break I have been exploring the various subfields in CS.

To enumerate, these are the subfields I have encountered or even heard in passing: -> Algorithms & Data Structures -> Operating Systems -> CS theory like Theory of Computation, Lambda Calculus etc -> Databases -> Graphics -> AI/ML -> Compilers -> Web Dev technologies like React, JS Libraries, etc -> Mobile Dev -> Programming Languages

I am quite academically competent, so the idea of going deep does not scare me. But choosing what to go deep into and what to neglect terrifies me. I'm constantly feeling that I'm going to make a wrong choice and my technical skills would be obsolete.

Now I understand that in the tech industry I would have to keep learning even after graduating and that I cannot learn everything that is there to learn in CS. But that doesn't make the choice any easier. And the more I look at the tech that gets discussed online in places like HN and the discussions that some of my peers hold, this fear intensifies.

What would you all suggest for me to do in such a situation? What would you do if you could do this all over again(assuming you went to college for CS, that is)?

AI and ML, and data science are going to be the biggest things for the foreseeable future, with huge earnings potential.

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