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Is this trolling?

Why would a relevant, detailed post that explains everything it is talking about with examples, clearly be trolling in your view?

I am guessing because it contradicts your free-market ideology?

Keep going with the lack of capitalist funding for news. Open source is socialism, and everyone knows socialism failed in the USSR and China, and USA is the land of the free, first you have wikinews next thing you know you have gulags!

I think the idea that crypto currencies are the necessary and sufficient innovation to bring in citizen news and a collaborative utopia (I'm exaggerating, but that's how it came across) lacks credibility and could be read as satire, hence the downvotes. I've vouched personally as whilst this idea is terrible, it doesn't seem flag worthy.

Hold on. You don’t even need crypto-currencies. Nowhere did I imply they are sufficient, either.

People have been contributing to wikipedia without any crypto currency rewards, and it is far superior to Britannica in scope, breadth and level of bias. Same with Linux vs Windows, WebKit vs IE, etc. Why would the same not be true of news?

Capitalism is failing as a model for generating the long tail of news. Open source is notoriously great at the long tail. This was true 20 years ago too. And you downvote because you think I said crypto currencies are necessary and sufficient?

Some jokers flagged my post and every response that agreed with it. Is that normal? There is some kind of new activity on HN that attacks things they disagree with using inappropriate measures. That’s what you should be worried about.

How does one vouch for a post btw?

I didn't downvote, just trying to explain how post came across and why that might be a reason for downvotes.

Open source works because working code is working code. Wikipedia might be an edge case, and even there politics and lobbying are pernicious. Citizen news sounds good, but it seems like people prefer consuming filter-bubble, prejudice-confirming clickbait, so I'm not hopeful.

Vouch shows when you click into a flagged post and have enough karma.

Is this trolling?

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