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Facebook is slapped with first fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal (washingtonpost.com)
17 points by tareqak 40 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Less than 1 million dollars? Is this a joke?

It was pre-GDPR so that is the max fine available

Yep. If they fuck up next time it could cost 4% of Global Revenue - Quick google says that's ~1.7bn dollars.

I bet Mark spends that much on neckties.


He doesn’t wear neckties except for at senate judiciary hearings...

£500k is the statutory maximum for the Data Protection Act.

I thought we established that the mechanism to secure your account was available the whole time, only users were too stupid to use it.

Right, how is sharing a user's friend list, especially when that user has provided explicit permission, worthy of a fine?

Under that premise, Google should immediately be sent a cease & desist as they allow users to share access to all e-mails and e-mail history with 3rd parties without any fine-grained access control.

Because of this, many users are providing full e-mail scan access to questionable 3rd party apps like calendars/trip planners/marketing tools. This is a significant security issue not just from a privacy standpoint, but also given that almost all sites allow password resets via email. It's just a matter of time until one of those gets hacked or starts siphoning off & saving user e-mail en-masse.

This Facebook issue also pales in comparison to browser plugins that request access to view & modify any website. Another place where lack of fine-grained access controls have forced both plugin designers & users into a terrible security model.

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