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Show HN: Open-sourcing my distributed, fault-tolerant cron SaaS as no customers (github.com)
4 points by dosy 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Definitely, invest time or money in a better landing page. A landing page may not need to be perfect but, at a minimum, it cannot be strenuous on the eyes.

Good luck!

I think its a great service, but maybe you should have work on the look of it. maybe get a free bootstrap theme or something

I think if the service is good enough, people will pay for it regardless of the look. AdWords / Amazon / EBay. People used these things even tho they didn't look very good. Because the value proposition was good. I think either CronStorm is not valuable, or I have not marketed / sold it effectively.

Maybe the visual look is part of marketing / sales. But I don't see how a slick look will help people part with > 50 USD a month or more.

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