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[dupe] iOS bug triggered by censorship (objective-see.com)
22 points by lx 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments


If you're going to rewrite a misleading or linkbait headline, please make it accurate and neutral, not more sensational.

Not to defend the rewriting, but it's worth noting that this article is a technical deep-dive, written by whoever discovered and reported this bug. Might be appropriate to replace the Ars URL with this one.

Normally we do that, if we catch it before the thread has finished its main cycle. But in this case we didn't see it sooner. I'll add a note at the top of the other thread to point people to the blog post.

Seems fair. Thanks for all your hard work!

Sorry, I didn’t see the previous post. Different sources anyway, imho this one is a more complete analysis. I rewrote the original title since it was not informative enough ("A Remote iOS Bug”), and the subheading was too large to post (“apple wrote code to appease the chinese government ...it was buggy”). I don’t think the headline was misleading: the crash was absolutely related to the Taiwanese flag emoji censorship.

Just to clarify, the original submission headline was «iOS bug triggered by 🇹🇼 censorship». The emoji there had a literal rather than symbolic meaning.

I know, but emojis aren't allowed, because HN is a text-based site. That's why we took it out.

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